Cadillac Ranch

Address: 2015 S. Dowell Rd
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Category: Sculpture Garden
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  • RadioShack

    Snap some pictures of the row of Cadillacs buried nose-down in a field off of I-40 just outside of Amarillo, TX.
  • Tara Liloia

    Pack out or pass along your paint cans, don't leave them!
  • Rebecca Fields-Bliler

    Cool place to visit.. Sad how people leave their trash just laying by the cars though.. Paint cans, etc.. There's a trash container by the front gate!! Have some respect & dispose of your garbage..
  • Jim Kinter

    If you're coming from the west, exit at Arnot Rd and stay on the access road. If you're coming from the east, exit Arnot Rd, turn left (under I40) and then left again onto the access road.
  • Jahmal Broadus

    Free admission!
  • Hannah Garrett

    Bring your own can of spray paint.
  • Danielle Stevenson

    There is a dumpster at the entrance... Please throw paint cans in it!
  • Mark Wegener

    Don't feed Chunk.
  • Kimberly Goza

    Bring a can of spray paint to decorate the cars
  • Ros47 Delta

    The intention of this exhibition is not clear.  Upsilon believes the humans erected it as an example of how not to park.
  • Danny Lane

    Bring a paint spray can!
  • Dillon

    Smoke your weed here.
  • Jake Smith

    Bring two cans of paint! As soon as your done with your first one, you'll just want to keep going!
  • Kingston

    Very windy!
  • Donna Shepard

    Bring spray paint :)
  • Jeffrey Lovell

    Pick up some litter on your way back. Evidently spray painters are incapable of cleaning up after themselves.
  • Justin W.

    A great free stop along I-40 just west of Amarillo, this series of half-buried Caddies is a must for a quick photo-op. Free and fun, spray-paint one of the cars!
  • Seth Leizman

    Cool roadside attraction. I wish people would throw out their used spray cans though.
  • Dustin

    Cadillac Ranch was invented by art-hippies from SFO, The Ant Farm. Their partner was AMA billionaire Stanley Marsh 3. They came up with this public art that is a tribute to the Cadillac tail fin.
  • Caitlyn ?

    Don't litter! This place was covered with garbage. Show some respect for Texas.
  • Susan Knopf

    Please take your trash, paint cans to the dumpster on the road!
  • Hello Couture

    Bring different colors of spray paint, so (yours) stands out.
  • Amanda Sandburg

    At least it's free!
  • Michael Maher

    It's on the eastbound side
  • Fred

    Bring waterproof boots if it has recently rained. If you have paint left over when leaving offer it to the people walking in. Dispose of trash properly.
  • Caryn Rose

    White or gold or silver or yellow spray paint is best
  • Daniel Perry

    Great place to go to ease the mind and kinda in a good way cause a Lil destruction!! Which is at times the best medicine to life's problems painting on someone else's property without consequence!OK;)
  • The Daytripper

    The decades of the cattle drives gave way to decades of cross-country drives on America’s “mother road” – Route 66 which passed through Amarillo.
  • Jasmine Foster

    Bring spray paint, but don't leave it!
  • Social News Network

    Cadillac's placed in the ground from front side up. An Amarillo staple that visitors can visit, and tag with spray paint to leave their mark. A must see in Amarillo.
  • Trudie van Acquoij

    Bring a can of spray paint!
  • Michael Media

    Just as fast as the cars passing on I-40, your message will be covered up by others weary travelers passing through. Free paint and few expression.
  • Rodrigo Argumedo

    You can spray paint any of those seven cars. The good thing Is sharing the passion to someone else. Taking pictures will be an excellent choice.
  • Alberto B.

    Free access, you could be lucky and find a spray can with some paint in it but bring your own just in case.
  • Gianluigi Cogo

    Acquistare prima la bomboletta spray. Non venire senza
  • Julie Taylor

    Don't wear sandals or flip flops. The ground is very dusty.
  • John Wohlfeil

    Leave your paint at home, be different, not a vandal
  • april cole

    Wear rubber boots if its been wet
  • Critterman

    Bring paint & a camera for the full experience. Also suggest rubber boots or bags for feet on wet days - its in the middle of a field.
  • Amber Weigel

    fun place to vist
  • Safelite AutoGlass

    Leave behind your name or a message for the next visitor! Public artwork is encouraged on these classic cars.
  • Phil Diehl

    It's a fabulous place for a picnic!
  • Sean Jackson

    Bring a can if paint to leave your mark.
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