The Big Texan Steak Ranch

Address: 7701 I- 40 Access Rd
Phone: (806) 372-6000
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Category: Steakhouse
Check Ins: 6751


  • Travel Channel

    On Man v Food, Adam Richman comes here to take on the restaurant's legendary 72-oz. steak challenge: a mammoth steak, a shrimp cocktail, a baked potato, a side salad and a dinner roll.
  • Michael

    "Mountain Oysters: If you think it's seafood, go with the shrimp"
  • Dave Fotsch

    Driving into this place is like driving into a cartoon!
  • Sepehr H

    If you're into big steaks, then this is the place to go to. I would recommend the filet.
  • Sakinah James-Tahir

    This is the 72 oz steak that's free if u can eat it and your meal in an hour
  • Beverly R

    food was ok slow services
  • Eugene M

    This fellow finished the 72oz challenge while we were here, with 8minutes to spare. He said he still had room for his beer!
  • JB Faby

    Good steaks. Free 72 oz if you can finish it !!!
  • Terry Stagg

    Come hungry
  • Eizabeth Rodriguez

    The mountain oysters are very good!
  • Kristi Hamilton

    Slightly pricey, but the portions are gigantic. Most plates could be split between 2 or maybe even 3 people.
  • Rachel Land

    The older gentlemen who singand play johnny cash songs are great! Tip them! They are awesome
  • Lee N.

    Come hungry, these folks are fun. If you fail to finish the 72oz steak, you get the leftovers and a $72 bill.
  • jay allen

    Food is just ok for the price. Service was terrible.
  • James Jodal

    If you attempt to eat the 72 oz steak dinner, you should bring assistants to help carry you out of the place.
  • Stunna Mane

    It was awesome ill defiantly be back great food service
  • Social News Network

    An Amarillo Texas staple. Known for the 72 ounce steak challenge and it's unique atmosphere, including a pet snake.
  • Jeremy Smith

    Look both ways before crossing the street!
  • Christopher Bland

    OMG!!! If you love steak and don't stop here, you need to get your head examined!
  • Jose Romero

    Love the place, the people (service),and food! !!
  • Deanna

    Some of the sides are good for vegetarians... You know, in case you're like me and eating at a steak house ;)
  • Jake Smith

    Free matchbooks on the way out!
  • Gar

    Good food, fun place!
  • Christopher Fabela

    I did it on 12/26/2001...
  • Kelly Johnson

    Bring your appetite , all was good . We did not do the 72 oz challenge.
  • Nevin

    The thing to note here is the town is lovingly named after my beautiful bike. Though they do pronounce it differently :)
  • Ryo Y

    Come here for the atmosphere! Don't expect the steaks to be top grade.
  • Olga Paduchina

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  • John Sam

    Hello USA ,hello Texas,Hello from Greece nice to meet new peoples there.
  • Eugene Mccorkle

    Where is the beef?
  • Darlene Sterling

    Best steak ! Best service
  • DishOnIt

    Found baked potato as Yum Yum. Try it and dish on it at
  • Danielle Dietz

    6oz filet so good. Get the baked potato they give you all the fixins' for it. Hope that some bro is there attempting the 72oz challenge. Fun to watch!!
  • J michael Smith

    72oz steak
  • Robby Shipman

    While the actual steak isn't as good as Saltgrass in other cities in TX, the atmosphere is definitely more fun. The food is really good also. Definitely worth going to.
  • Gar

    Try the steak and eggs for breakfast
  • Samantha OQToe

    Great filets! Wonderful service. A must see while in town.
  • Julie Taylor

    Damn good food. All the waitstaff wear hats.
  • Bruce Tu

    Average at best
  • Nicole Lippman

    Try the raspberry wheat ale.
  • Terry Teller

    The chocolate cake is delicious! :-)
  • Kathy Miller

    Great food....waited for our food a long time, but was hot when it did come.
  • Stephanie Miller

    Fried mushrooms are fabulous!
  • Constance Hague

    Pecan porter is amazing!! But mix it with the chocolate bock lager YUMMM!!!
  • matt sherman

    Very Texas decor! Neat place. Was here for lunch. As others stated service was slow, waitress was friendly though.
  • Jaci Vico

    Los filetes están buenísimos y son enormes. El ambiente es genial y muy divertido. Un 10 :-)
  • MRCHRIS ??

    Tourist trap crap food in my opinion
  • Rachelle C.

    Don't eat the chile they put on your plate with the steak, you'll DIE!
  • Ashley MessErsmith

    Ask for samples on the beer so you can find the one you like. & sweet potatoes make a great side.
  • Justin Ordoveza

    A great place to people watch, everyone from around the world comes to this place. This placed is filled with a myriad of attractions. The steak here is decent piece of meat. The dining room is a show
  • Erica Ellis

    Very stereotypical "Texas" but fun nonetheless, if you're passing through the area, might as well stop in, the food is fine.
  • ASHLEY Oakes

    The breakfast buffet is fantastic!
  • TV Food Maps

    Check out Big Texan as seen on Man vs Food , No Reservations , Food Paradise
  • Rob Lange

    Filet steak us so good.
  • Emily Jackson

    Howdy! What a great place to give the kids hats!
  • Robert Blake

    Ask for Michelle she is great!
  • Msnyc

    Don't mess this place, the atmosphere and handcrafted beer is amazing, too!
  • Eric Lingkun Zhang

    The environment here is very Texan. It's too noisy here. The steak didn't taste good, much worse than the BBQed Sirloin from Wholefoods.
  • The Daytripper

    The other food joint, you MUST check out is the Big Texan Steak Ranch, where they give out FREE 72oz steaks. Small catch – you’ve gotta eat it in one hour, along with a table full of sides. Good luck!
  • Jim O'Brien

    This is one of those "I've been there" places, just so you can say that. Very touristy. Food was ok. The beefsteak tomatoes and onions I thought were real good.
  • Lori Bowden

    Their steaks are awesome and so are the bloody marys
  • Darrell Bowden

    The Indiana Jones whips are made in mexico. Whaaaaaaat?
  • Caleb Miller

    Probably the best steak I've ever had at a restaurant! The 8oz isn't big enough! Yum!
  • Jonathan

    This was a lot of fun. Excellent service and great atmosphere. My 7 year old son loved it!
  • Valentino Rosas

    A great experience for any visitor, good food, ambiance and a very nice gift store!
  • Jessica Reece

    Definitely worth the stop. One family left because it was too expensive, but I think its quite reasonable. Wish the sweet potato was bigger
  • Kristine Tague

    Have the Bomb City Bock- it rocks! Really smooth beer. Love that this is close to the airport and they have free limo service!
  • Leanna Laudenslager

    Prime rib was delicious, especially with the horseradish sauce. Yum!
  • Becky Strong

    We have stopped here three times and always have a great meal!!
  • John Gonzales

    Surprisingly interesting craft beer selection. Try the smooth pale ale or the sweet porter. Weird, huh?
  • John

    Stop for the kitsch, skip the meal.
  • Jamie VP

    Eat a buffet then taste some tums and drink a lot of water to stretch the stomach
  • Mac

    Try the Steak!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sarah O

    Everything was just ok. The best part was the old school limo ride to and from. Perhaps a tourist trap?
  • Charles Altman

    The small rib eye is all anyone should ever want to eat
  • Sasha Zakarlyuka

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  • Clovis Man

    Sure is a busy place, ain't it?

    I wonder how often the steak challenge is attempted a week?

    Coming here this Saturday.

    Really awesome food.

    Its amazing food and great service keep me going here often.

    Checking out the view
  • Sara Mitchell

    DON'T STOP here. The chicken fried steak was frozen school cafeteria quality. The bacon bits were imitation and ruined the potato. We checked this off our Texas 'to-do' and won't ever go back.

    Havent been here yet
  • Todd Takei

    Get the Smokey and the Bacon, you won't regret it!
  • Marie Smith

    They have a live rattlesnake!!! Super cool!!
  • Jeanne Woolverton

    Service was exceptionally slow tonight. It took over an hour to get our meals. In that time frame our waitress never once checked on us much less offered refills or dinner rolls. Will not return.
  • Esther

    Tourist trap, slow service
  • Joshua Lee

    Love this place can't wait to come and do the challenge!
  • Ricardo Mesquita

    Muito! Ambiente e comida
  • Vic Hyatt

    Tastes like Kraft Mac n cheese from the box. Chili should actually have chili in it, not sugar. Waiter must have been new. Steak was ok tho.
  • Tim Morton

    Best steak I have ever had Ribeye
  • Tim Morton

    This is a place where Tarra would love Steaks are Texas Big
  • Escape Amarillo

    Great place for stake. Specially in your birthday.
  • Frank Villescas

    As seen on tv. You wont be disappointed
  • Tim Hahn

    Don't get the chicken fried steak. The steaks are great.
  • Michael Lynn

    The Best Steakhouse in Texas period :-)
  • DishOnIt

    Found cesar salad as Yum. Try it and dish on it at
  • DishOnIt

    Found cesar salad and baked potato and steak as Yum Yum. Try it and dish on it at
  • Tina Biggerstaff

    Try the chicken fried steak!
  • Michael Danielson

    Im gonna try it some day
  • Troy

    Love the food
  • Richard Barraclough

    Change the Cd. The same chrimbo songs went round and round all evening.
  • Ray Morse

    If you can eat it all it's free.
  • Charli Rae Gause

    Definitely not where the locals eat steak... Low quality meat here & is a novelty. Try Embers Steakhouse or BL Bistro
  • John Geary

    Don't get their beer. It is substandard and not worth the cost. You are better off getting a domestic beer
  • John Beale

    Its illegal to gamble in Texas....but the slot machine gladly accepted my money?!? Wow. Thanks for the ten dollars in tokens assholes.
  • Edward Ursua

    Gotta have the Big Texan Strip!
  • Jennifer Dehorty

    Service in dining room SUCKS! Sit at the bar.
  • Richard Terborg

    Great place to eat!
  • Cherster Santos

    Special lunches is really good, make it sure you order the mountain oyster and chili is really superb in this place
  • Kristina Keyton

    Any steak you get will be perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked. Definitely try the Chocolate Bock Lager
  • Dawn

    This place is fantastic! A must see off of I40! Food is fantastic!
  • Deanna P.

    The Chili is really good with think chunks of beef.
  • Randy Moyano

    No i am not trying it
  • Laura Arms

    Go for the atmosphere. Food ok but I have had better for less. Fun place to visit.
  • Sandi Brown

    The dinner salad was big enough for an entrée salad. Very crispy and fresh
  • The Party

    Try the sushi bar!
  • Reneeshia McIntyre

    Our steaks were cook to perfection! Huge portions for a reasonable price and can be shared they are so large. Some of. The decorations and themes are comical and can be related to Married w/ Children
  • Nicole Leber

    Great food and fantastic Texas atmosphere!!
  • Benson Flores

    Ask for the salad dressing on the side.
  • Charles Parsons

    Best steaks around
  • Brad Maggard

    Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Matt Dicker

    I wasn't brave enough to try the 72 ounce challenge, but had a great time watching others do it.
  • Daniel Teachey

    The fillet has always been cooked perfect.. My 4th time here, and service has been ok..
  • Michael Coggins

    The steaks here are no match compared to Big Verns in Shamrock.
  • Brian Thomas Sr.

    Don't go on your birthday. waitress name Tia was horrible. Food wasn't even hot. we waited for her to fill our drinks and we had to ask her to bring us bread.
  • Jennifer King

    Nice portion of food. Steaks tender but have no seasoning. Bread is awesome!!!!
  • Rick

    Amazing food and service. We'll worth the stop! Skip the tiny 6oz steak and jump to something bigger. The meat is so tender and juicy. Would come back in a heartbeat!
  • Mark Wegener

    Cody is a shitty waiter.
  • Christopher Fabela

    I walked out on my own. 12/26/2001.
  • Victoria Canto

    bring a camera! take lots of pictures :D
  • Brandon Geoffrion

    Watched someone try to eat a 72 ounce steak, baked potatoe, fries, salad, and a roll. It looked real hard...
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