Westgate Mall

Address: 7701 W Interstate 40
Phone: (806) 358-7221
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 4106


  • Krystina Martinez

    Even though the Sephora in JCPenney's is not as large as a regular Sephora, the employees are really nice and super helpful.
  • Cody Harris

    Just came to get out and check out the people ;)
  • Broc Carter

    Do not shop at children place.... Cheaply made for for expensive prices.
  • Scott Mc

    Needs more choices at the food court.
  • Bethany Alane

    Leaving the workplace
  • Cody Harris

    lots and lots, of people!!!
  • Valeria Bedoy

    Here my mom just buying some stuff!(:<3
  • Skylar Dement

    Come shop at the Children's Place.
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