Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport (AMA)

Address: 10801 Airport Blvd
Phone: (806) 335-1671
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 11355


  • Jennifer Adams

    This airport might be small but they have free wifi!!!!
  • Kerri FM

    Don't come to this airport hungry :)
  • Mary Lee Hayes

    needs a Starbucks. an airport without one just isnt an airport
  • Gene Geist

    Nicest TSA agents I have ever met.
  • Rich Kalonick

    Try hopping on one foot from your gate to baggage claim. I did.
  • J Lewis

    This airport has 4 gates! It's Sooo VERY International!
  • Jody Rael

    They have 7 gates now! And every time we fly out of here, we are amazed at the hospitality & friendliness of the people & airport employees here!
  • Josh Monroe

    No matter how friendly you are, you can't make a crappy cup of coffee taste good by smiling when you pour it. Don't buy any. Wait for the airplane.
  • Joshua Ratcliff

    The new terminal is gorgeous! Very nice - thank you to those involved in this!
  • Axe Sladen

    Best not try to roll up and smoke the tumble weed.
  • Colin Z.

    Checked baggage delivery takes a looooooong time
  • Matt Collins

    Of course it's small, but it's also newly renovated, has plenty of workspace and charging stations for your gizmos. Also, comfy chairs!
  • Joshua Kirn

    Best security lines in the country, easily
  • Leiane Baker

    Plan around the tear up of the drop off area. They make you drop off and leave immediately without hardly anytime to hug and say Goodbye.
  • Justin Cabby

    I put the fiber optics in above the Rick Husband statute
  • Freek Bouw

    Excellent free wifi and work area
  • Randy D

    Avoid the food court at all costs.
  • Christian Young

    Pros: free wifi. Cons: not much food and the one place to get food is really expensive.
  • Sean Moubry

    Stay far away from the food.
  • Melissa Brumley-Schlabs

    New restaurants are open. You can get pizza by the slice at the snakbar and have a beer with it.
  • Joel Wilbourn

    Brand new terminal opened today! Much nicer than the older facility.
  • Teague Winger

    Bottled water @ snack bar $2.20, coke machine $3.00, funny what an impact 4 months cab have on pricing. Snack bar still the best deal :)
  • Ben Engelby

    Be sure to reserve a rental car in advance. I was told that they are usually sold out by Monday afternoon.
  • Sandy Graff

    Quick and easy!
  • Jim O'Brien

    For an international airport it's easy to get in and out of. It's small, so don't expect more than a shop and a restaurant.
  • Sarah Zollner

    Small but free wifi!!!
  • gracie sanford

    Nicest airport staff I've ever seen.
  • Patty Leeman

    Be careful, it is possible to drink them out of Shiner.
  • Idealiza Sosa

    I can not give any positive reviews for this airport. There was no one at the counters. Not even a sign stating any kind of message who you can ask for help.
  • LaDuska Williams

    Easy in and out.
  • Karen F

    The southwest ticket Conner opens 90 minutes prior to the first flight. If you're early you'll have to wait.
  • Dana Martinez

    Don't FART out loud, someone WILL here. Better yet, better not FART at all, someone WILL smell it. #smallestairportTX
  • John W.

    Free wifi. Everything is very clean, including restrooms. Lots of spaces to sit and some space to work, but only after security. Don't rely on eating here. Eat first, or hold out for peanuts.
  • Adam Terry

    Who's Rick Husband? lol
  • Glenn Mangold

    I thought the cafe before security had a decent burger and excellent fries..
  • Noel Yuri-Bermúdez

    Seriously, the free WiFi saved my life. Kudos
  • Jeff Carrell

    Older Asian woman who works at the counter is a psycho.
  • Tracie Jay

    Food server is eating and getting food think that's a health code violation yuck :(
  • Barry Debor

    Try the veal.
  • Sakinah James-Tahir

    Nice airport. Great work area with ample electric outlets
  • Eddie Dupuy

    Free WiFi!
  • Kim Morris

    There at SO many Freaking flies!This airport is absolutely DISGUSTING!
  • Michael Marcon

    While mustard and mayonnaise will cover up the flavor of the brisket. Nothing can stop the effects of the grease. Avoid the food.
  • Allen Katz

    This brand new terminal is beautiful!
  • Jeff Nunn

    108 degrees + windy = bumpy descent. fly in at night or during cooler months
  • Jennifer Vincent

    Get out as fast as you can. There is nothing at the airport!
  • Teague Winger

    Water@snack bar $2.10, in coke machines $2.75. It's all in a name ....
  • Tim L.

    The Dallas Cowboys = fail!
  • Tim L.

    This airport is tiny.
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